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  • February, 2021
  • Awais Qazi
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There’s a hard-working technology team of software developers and engineers behind any good app on your smartphone. Mobile QA specialist individual is the first person to thoroughly check app functionality, performance capabilities, and elements of the graphical interface to detect errors and glitches that can ruin your experience.

Being attentive to information, result-oriented, and ready for challenges will help a lot if you consider starting a career in QA services or to become a mobile QA specialist. Your tasks will not end with bugs being mentioned and app defects being pointed out. But if you are willing to contribute to improving the quality of digital goods, it is time to learn what to do to become a mobile QA engineer.

Skills & Expertise Required to become mobile QA specialist:

The tech industry is very dynamic. Getting a job in the IT segment implies constant learning and mastering your skills. Employers often have different requirements regarding the preferred background and qualifications of a mobile QA specialist.

Many businesses that provide software testing services are willing to hire entry-level professionals, providing on-site training and development opportunities. Some, however, can question if you have a degree in computer science, UX design, or related fields. The list of items to help you begin your mobile QA career includes:

Analytical Skills: Focus on data. Make sure you have a keen knowledge on gauging different metrics.

Creativity: work on possible user flows and What if? Scenarios.

Communication Skills: Explicit reporting and capacity for developers, stakeholders, C-level executives to find common ground, listen well and ask the right questions.

Training Resources:

To find out if you like this kind of profession, you can start learning to test mobile apps with free tools. Microsoft Virtual Academy, edX, and Coursera are going to do just the right thing. There are also other options for free, in particular:

  • ASTQB (short for American Software Testing Qualifications Board)
  • AST (Association for Software Testing)
  • IIST (The International Institute for Software Testing)


Experience and knowledge are more respected than qualifications, but a considerable career booster is proper qualification. Most certifications are vendor-neutral, so you get a document indicating that your qualifications and abilities are sufficient in various niches to deal with a wide range of testing tasks. Below are some of the common certifications listed:

  • ISTQB Certification
  • CSTE (Certified Software Tester)
  • IMTQN (International Mobile Testing Qualifications Network)
  • CMAP (Certified Mobile App Professional Tester)

There are also various courses focused on more limited areas (security or cloud testing, for instance) and certifications unique to the vendor/platform. When you have any practice, they can come in handy and plan to deepen the understanding of unique in-demand instruments.

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