The Power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We Help Clients Gain Measurable Results by Adopting AI

70 %

Reduced Manual Efforts

40 %

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

40 %

Enhanced Adaptability

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Increased Competitive Advantage

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Better Customer Interaction

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Transform Your Business With AI

If you’re looking to take your first step towards digital transformation, AI is your big game-changer. Mammoth-AI has experts who will dive into your current business model and help you implement the best AI testing solutions for your business.

Mammoth-AI's Artificial Intelligence Services

We implement AI in software testing across many industries to help organizations maximize testing results using their own data. Our experts leverage the Machine Learning testing knowledge to significantly improve quality, efficiency, and time to market for your software products.

Classification & Regression

Automate your business decisions using ML. We extract deep insights from data, feed them to AI models, then optimize the models for accuracy and performance

Text Analytics

Get actionable insights from text data. Extract valuable information from data using NLP and ML/DL techniques

Natural Language Processing

Automatically extract contextually relevant key-phrases in textual data using techniques like POS tagging, grammar parsing, and NER

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies in your data and detect fraud, errors, rare events, etc. using unsupervised ML like K-means and hierarchical clustering

Text Classification

Get AI-powered text classifiers to perform automatic categorization of textual data based on historical learning using NLP and ML algorithms

Text Similarity

Automatically evaluate syntactic and semantic similarities in text data by quickly identifying when two texts are about the same topic or duplicate

AI Technologies and Tools We Use

  • Data Wrangling and Pre-Processing
  • Data Visualization
  • Feature Selection and Reduction
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natuaral Language Processing
  • Programming Languages
  • Pandas, NumPy, SciPy
  • Matplotib, Seaborn, Tableau
  • PCA, LDA Wrapper/Filter methods, SelectKBest, Chi-squared
  • Scikit-learn, XGBoost
  • Keras, TensorFlow
  • NLTK, spaCy, OpenNLP
  • Python, R

How Is Mammoth-AI is Different?

At Mammoth-AI, we’re proud to leverage our team of experts with significant QA experience to drive innovation. Our team of AI testing experts has developed a suite of smart, proprietary tools to enhance core automation techniques. The results? We’re able to apply our solutions to help you increase efficiency, release better quality products, and get to market faster.

Test Suite Optimizer

  • Built using NLP and Text similarity models
  • Automatically identifies similar or duplicate test cases
  • Save efforts while optimizing test suites
  • Reduces automation efforts

Log Analytics

  • Works on unsupervised AI algorithms
  • Detects unseen errors/defects through app logs
  • Mines test scenario that led to the error
  • Insights to optimize development and strategy


  • Automatically develops the page object model
  • Creates object repository for UI elements
  • Auto creation of page libraries action methods
  • Focus on writing business workflows only
  • Saves 70-75% time for framework development


  • UI verification of test execution
  • Generates HTML report with checkpoints
  • Easy to plug-in with automation framework
  • Saves recurrent costs for third-party tools

Reporting Engine

  • Creates build-health matrix
  • Compares suite health for the last 5 builds
  • Provides interactive graphs for test case coverage

Test Data Generator

  • Smartly generates test data
  • Intelligent support for plugin with automation framework
  • Reduces manual efforts by 90%

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