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In software testing trends there are emerging and revolutionizing new research solutions. QA is no longer all about discovering glitches and mistakes; it is a dynamic technical philosophy that also involves product concept assessment, behavioral forecasts, opportunity and threat analysis.

So, to obtain progressive outcomes, can we use only conventional and well-known research methods? They remain the core of the phase of software testing, of course. However, you should remain one step ahead of your rivals and constantly develop your professional skills if you want to become more successful in the QA sector. You should keep up with problems with software testing for this.

2021 promises to be a diverse and ambitious year, so we expect it to come to life with some interesting research patterns, models and strategies. Here are some of the forthcoming software testing innovations that you may want to introduce soon.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The Davos Economic Forum declared AI and ML as the most trendy methods that would become the main drivers of the next industrial revolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) AI and ML will revolutionize the way we use test data and strengthen bug detection algorithms when we talk about software testing. Many manual testing activities are likely to be replaced by automation in order to allocate QA resources.

Blockchain Testing

Not only for the Bitcoin scheme, the most exciting market technology acts as a record-keeping database. Global blockchain technology, for instance, is used for supply chain management, food, transportation, and other sectors. Its mission is to provide every economic activity with the highest degree of security. The IT industry therefore urgently needs QA experts with particular domain expertise capable of offering skilled testing services.

Agile & DevOps

More enterprises are starting to note the benefits of the methodologies of Agile and DevOps. These models allow technology teams to produce high-quality IT products, obtain a fast review, and reach the market more quickly. Certainly, during 2021, this pattern will stick.


This approach deals with the incorporation into the CI/CD chain of quality assurance (QA) and IT operations (Ops). QA processes should not be removed from the entire process of creating end-to-end applications. QAOps implies close coordination and collaboration between team members that will inevitably contribute to the production of the highest quality product, the fulfillment of deadlines, the implementation of new functionality as soon as possible, and so on.

A technique that aims to identify errors faster and speed up the product-to-market process is continuous testing along with a CI/CD activity chain and ongoing collaboration between developers and QA specialists.

Big Data Testing

Applications with underlying enormous amounts of customer data should be frequently analyzed and checked. Big data is continuously dealt with by industries such as healthcare, finance, banking, retail, and telecommunication. The market for big data research would therefore keep rising.

Checking the success and quality of data collection, but not separate sections of the software product, is a specific aspect of big data testing. In order to perform this mission, QA engineers use commodity clusters and other unique supporting instruments.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Along with the 4G and 5G network standards expanding all over the world, this strong digital network is increasingly developing. For both individual users and businesses, IoT technologies are beneficial. Transportation and logistics, manufacturing of equipment, and agriculture are among those that most exploit the benefits of IoT.

So, these were the upcoming software testing trends in 2021.

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