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Data driven testing is a software testing technique in which table or spreadsheet format is file with test data. This method drives testers to input a single test script hat implements tests for all tests from the table and suspect the test output. This technique is also known as parameterized testing.

Data Driven Framework:

Data driven framework is an automated testing framework. In this testing input values are monitored from data files and stored in test scripts. It allows testers to build both negative and positive in a single test.

Best Practices for Testing:

Best practices for data driven testing are discussed below:

  • Use accurate information during the process of data driven testing
  • Navigation of test flow should be coded inside the test script
  • Drive virtual API’s with reliable data
  • Drive dynamic assertion while using meaningful data
  • Test negative as well as positive outcomes
  • Redefine test for performance

Advantages of Data-Driven testing:

  • During regression testing this testing allows to test applications with multiple sets of value.
  • Verification data and test data can be compiled in one file which is separated from test case logic.
  • Having the test scripts in a single repository is possible, which makes text easy to manage and maintain
  • Functions and actions are used in different tests
  • Test data is automatically generated with the help of tools which also saves time when large volume of data is available
  • Enables testers to have clear understanding of test data and test script
  • Same test cases are implemented several times to minimize test cases and scripts
  • Past changes does not affect the test data

Drawbacks of Data Driven testing:

  • Quality of the test is dependent on the expertise of team who are implementing the tests
  • Validation of data is time taking when large amount of data is being tested
  • Big amount of coding is required for this type of testing
  • Tester must learn new scripting language
  • Excessive documentation of scripts, management tests and test results

Types of Data Storages:

For this testing there are many storages which can be used:


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