Mammoth-AI's outsourced teams seamlessly integrate with your DevOps practice to help enable agile development.

Mammoth-AI Has Assisted Dev Teams With Their DevOps From the Beginning. Mammoth-AI can supply engineers who have experience working within DevOps and its smarter, faster environment in order to deploy faster releases. Mammoth-AI can support your DevOps with these areas of expertise.

Accelerate Your Product Release Cycle With Customized DevOps Methodologies

  • System Administration
  • Source Code Management
  • Build & Release Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Administration
  • Secure Systems from Vulnerabilities and Access
  • Process Driven Approach in Implementing CICD
  • System, Application, and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Make use of Application, Data and Storage Virtualization
  • Cloud and Containerization for Faster Environment Setup and Availability
  • System and Tools Integration for Deployment, Testing and Reporting Automation
  • Automate System Tasks and Configurations using Configuration Management Tools

DevOps breaks down the barriers between development and IT operations so that they can be more collaborative when working to release in shorter development cycles. More than 10% of Mammoth-AI outsource engineers regularly and successfully integrate into client DevOps teams to support infrastructure as code, Agile software development, DevOps testing, continuous integration testing and delivery, automated continuous testing, application and data virtualization, and improved collaboration.

Tools We Use for DevOps

DevOps process | Mammoth-AI

CICD Benefits

The secret to successful DevOps practices starts with a meritorious CICD

  • CICD Pipelines
  • Faster Iterations
  • Faster Recoveries
  • Deployment Efficiency
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Report Integration Results
  • Accelerates Product Delivery
  • Frequent Deployments and Releases

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