As a renowned provider of quality assurance services for the Entertainment industry, Mammoth-AI specializes in optimizing the testing of hardware devices and operating systems as well as analyzing the most popular configurations and all major operating systems.

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Our testing services in the entertainment industry cover

  • Sound card testing
  • Video card testing
  • Microsoft video card compatibility
  • Video card stress tests
  • Graphic adapter testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • DVD video formats
  • DVD video standards

Companies that compete in the entertainment industry require their software to be at its best potential overcoming any and all performance related issues, network problems and mobile device fragmentation. Software and applications concerning sports, music, and games require rigorous testing. We have a wealth of experience in delivering comprehensive solutions for all your software testing needs.

There are many added advantages to Mammoth-AI’s end-to-end entertainment application testing and quality assurance services. We offer our clients a reduced time to market, critical industry insights, testing coverage, and robust testing of applications. Quality work is delivered by making use of our unique library of thousands of test scenarios and test cases.

With a consistent hike in media usage, don’t let the opportunity to keep your strong hold slip away. Get in touch with Mammoth-AI today to find out more about testing services we can offer to the Entertainment industry.

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