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Keyword Driven Framework

This framework is a functional automation testing that divides cases in four parts. These cases are separated on the basis of code difference and step difference for better automation.

Keyword driven testing is divided into two stages:

Design and Development stage: In the first stage, the set of actions that would denote each keyword is designed. This means that all the actions that need to be taken under a single keyword are sequentially identified and laid down.
Implementation stage: In this stage, the final execution can be either manual or automated or a combination of the two, depending on the situation. These commands are executed in a set and precise order which is determined in the first stage.

Keyword Driven Testing Overview:

This testing is a scripted technique that uses data to collect keywords related to tested application. The keywords explain how to proceed with the action required to fulfil a step.

A keyword driven test have low level keyword, high level keywords and argument which are supposed to explain the action of test case. It is also known as table driven testing.

This testing identifies the set of keywords and then link it with the related action required to perform.

Components of Keyword driven framework:

  • Excel Sheet
  • Data Sheets
  • Test Scripts
  • Object Repository
  • Function Library

Why Keyword Driven Testing?

  1. Similar components are handled by standard library.
  2. Tests are written in an abstract manner.
  3. High reusability.
  4. Detailed script is hidden.
  5. Scripting languages are not used.
  6. Test is flexible and precise.

Benefits of Keyword Driven Test:

This type of testing can be done both manually & automatically. The core purpose of this testing is

  • Reduce Maintenance cost.
  • Duplicated specifications are none.
  • Functional scripting can be reused frequently.
  • Enhanced portability and test support.
  • Allows testers to plan before application is ready
  • Programming language is not necessary for this test.

Tools for Keyword Driven Test:

  1. HP QTP
  2. Selenium

Steps involved in Testing:

  1. Low level and high level keyword identification
  2. Implementation of keywords
  3. Test case creation
  4. Driver Script Creation
  5. Automation of test scripts

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