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When it comes to software development, there are two words that you might have heard about but always mix the two up; machine learning and artificial intelligence. Are they the same thing? What do they mean? Although they have a part to play together, they are not the same. 

In this article, we will help learn more about machine learning and artificial intelligence so that you can better understand what the two terms mean correctly.

Machine Learning

It is an aspect of artificial intelligence where a machine creates new decisions based on previous data. In other words, it allows AI to learn from past experiences to make informed decisions, which, in and of itself, is a vital aspect of AI.

Within machine learning itself, there is another aspect known as deep learning, which is a process where the machine processes large amounts of data. It utilizes neural networks, something similar to the human brain, to acquire brand new knowledge and make decisions that are more reasonable. The critical difference here between machine learning and deep learning is that deep learning utilizes more data in its processes.

Artificial Intelligence

What about AI? In various aspects, you might think of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, self-driving cars, and computer opponents in a game of chess, to name a few. While all of these are forms of AI, they do not define what it is.

Although the definition changes over time, the general understanding is that Artificial Intelligence is the ability for a computer to perform tasks that require human-like intelligence, such as speech recognition and decision making. The definition itself is quite broad, which is why it can change over time. In the past, many people considered Siri to be at the forefront of AI integration and intelligence. Today, however, some can hardly believe what it is as such.

AI and Machine Learning

What is the key difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning? As mentioned, artificial intelligence is a piece of technology that helps a device simulate human behavior to carry out tasks that require human intelligence. On the other hand, machine learning is simply an aspect of AI, where it allows the machine to learn from past data without any need for intervention from a programmer.


We hope that after reading this article, you now have a deeper and clearer understanding of the differences between machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, what both mean precisely, and how they both play a role together. 

Additionally, you now know that AI can help enhance your business process in many ways. With it, you can run through your client base and categorize people with different preferences. Also, with the integration of AI with machine learning, you can figure out precisely the profile of an individual who is highly likely to become a paying customer, meaning that you can save time when it comes to marketing. The field of AI is vast, and how you use it to improve your business will all depend on your needs.

We provide real-world business solutions and services using AI. If you need help with increasing business productivity or build test automation environments rapidly, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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