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Quality assurance is important in the software development. Every organization has realized that to establish a QA team plays a vital role in ensuring quality products. Below are the best practices for QA testing.  

  • Define the Process:

Creating a process is the core essence of optimized quality assurance. It provides a guideline to QA team and able to evolve to fulfill team’s need. Processes circulates around automate testing to make sure that the each built is meeting the acceptance criteria and requirements.

  • Early & Continues Testing:

Start executing test cases based on functionality which are scheduled right after sprint planning. Introduction of sprint planning and test cases allows quality assurance team to participate in every project phase. Explaining the project early to the QA team provides them with the insights and potential bugs that might prove fatal afterwards. It will help save money and time of the team.

  • Real Device Tests:

All the tests should be conducted on real devices to ensure that the products are working as expected on each and every platform and processor.

  • Importance of Automation:

Automation testing plays the key role to make testing efficient as possible and is one of the best practices for QA. The QA team uses automation testing when functionality is risk based and imperative. Reusable regression automation testing allows to ensure the quality parts of the project which have been viewed before during pointing out critical bugs for the QA team.

  • Become Quality Advocate without owing it:

In the team quality is owned by every individual of the QA team, but QA should behave like a guiding voice. A person who is performing quality assurance can push and strive the team in the right direction. While building the project it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure quality.

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