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Manual QA and code based testing have always provided effective results but at a cost of time constraints. This approach is evolving day to day in IT market and shaping itself into a codeless automated testing.

What Is Codeless Automated Testing?

Mastering Coding and programming language is hard and time consuming. Coding method often confuses the QA engineer which supports the idea of moving to codeless testing. By automation we don’t mean that manual testing will be completely obsolete. Codeless testing can be defined as test case automation with limited coding as possible.

An abstraction layer is created at the top of the test code with the help of script less testing tools. This means that even after implementing automation processes the test scripts do rely on programming to some extent.

“Record & Play” is the famous method to test web-based product. Test is manually performed by QA engineer and recorded step by step. Script is created through the automation tool. In the same way, repetition of same tests takes place by QA engineers on other products which consume time. Recorded scripts can be edited by QA engineers based on product requirements. For using automation tools extensive training is not required.

Advantages of Codeless Test Automation:

Process is not code free, there are some reasons why you should implement codeless testing in the QA process.

  • Easy to perform: Less effort is required for automation testing. Test coverage is increased by codeless automation testing tools, hence, improving the quality of software. Complex test scripts are also easy to modify.
  • Cost Effective: Additional resources are not required to operate and handle the process of automation tools. However open source tools are expensive and their maintenance is also required.
  • Friendly Interface: GUI facilitates and simplifies the process of testing and this is why it is easy to acquire skills for a QA engineer.


Codeless testing method have become very efficient way of running GUI tests. When developer is done with developing UI test cases can be automated. Testers don’t go through complicated framework if the code is hidden and designed for visual workflow. There is no requirement for UI test if GUI is performed through codeless automation testing tools.

Automation Testing Tools ( CODELESS )

  • Cloud QA
  • TestingWhiz
  • Katalon Studio
  • Ranorex
  • Slenium IDE
  • Sahi Pro

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