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In order to ensure that the design and software conform to company requirements, a software quality assurance (QA) engineer controls every step of the production process. For a business, software delays are expensive, so it is important for releases to reach target dates and remain within budget. Through breaking up the development process into realistic testing targets and relaying any problems back to the development and product teams or representatives, a software quality assurance engineer helps meet deadlines. All these factors drive the responsibilities of QA engineer.

Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer Responsibilities

The roles of a QA engineer can be complex and detailed. Usually, they perform the following duties with some regularity:

  • Document Test Cases
  • Perform Risk Analysis
  • Record Test Results and Progress
  • Automated Code Tests
  • Generate Test Plans
  • Develop procedures for determining product quality
  • Find Bugs in Apps
  • Streamline Testing Processes
  • Encounter occurring problems while testing
  • Perform manual and automated testing
  • Analyze and research product features
  • Discover new tools and techniques to ease testing processes
  • Review interfaces for functionality and consistency

Certification, Education & Training of QA Engineer:

A QA engineer should have a comprehensive knowledge of the environments for QA testing and life cycles for software creation.

Education: Jobs in this area usually require at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, engineering, or software design. Around 70% of those who serve as QA engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Experience: Previous practical experience can be useful, so while in school, you might consider working on a series of internships. Gain an understanding of methodologies, tools and processes for software QA, knowledge of SQL and scripting, work experience in software creation and quality assurance of software, and keep up to date with emerging trends and recent developments.

Licensing: For this job, there is no required license or credential.

Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer Skills

In a number of categories: engineering and technology, math and science, verbal and written communication, problem-solving, reasoning and logic, and practical skills, a software quality assurance engineer must have strong skills. This may include:

Communication Skills: Simple and concise written and verbal communication is a must, but there must also be more than a little tact for a quality software assurance engineer. Your job is to tell other professionals that they’ve done something wrong and that it doesn’t work right for the software or app they’ve invested time, effort, and emotion into making. That’s what no one would want to know.

Time management: Part of working on a team involves working within the schedules of other people and doing the job within realistic deadlines. You won’t know when an issue could occur, so it may take good time management skills to stay on track.

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