At Mammoth-AI, our telecom testing services cater to the challenges posed by upcoming and new technologies, such as ever increasing customer demand for better quality, IoT, information security and device fragmentation support. Our consultants and thought leaders specialize in both, testing services and implementation. Using rigorous software testing, we help our clients in transforming their applications into viable products.

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We provide end-to-end software testing services for the telecom sector that entail

  • Next-Generation Bearing Technology
  • Next-Generation Wireless Broadband Systems
  • Next-Generation of Core Network Technology
  • Cloud Computing Technology
  • Internet of Things
  • LTE Service

With us on board, our customers have experienced a reduction in their costs and a spike in their overall efficiency of operations.


  • Test Automation
  • Functional testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Data testing
  • Integration testing
  • Security testing

Our landscape of coverage spans across organizations in the areas of service integrators, wireless technology, chip set developers, consumer media, mobile applications developers, protocol stack developers, mobile device management, imaging and printing and IPTV. Mammoth-AI’s software testing services can help you test more software, better, faster and at a lower cost. We provide extensive multi-domain technical knowledge and expertise in product validation even for the most demanding requirements in the telecom sector. Connect with us today to find out more about our services

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