Usability testing allows you to create seamless user experiences with real-world recommendations that increase loyalty, dwell time and revenue

Why do you need usability testing?

Digital customers are 10 times more likely to come back to a website or app that matches their expectations, even if it means abandoning a previously loved brand or site.

Increasing your customer-focused intelligence and test-sourced changes means that your internal teams get a more sophisticated understanding of your customer demographic and their digital expectations. Unlike automated or non-existent tests, our usability testing will also uncover graphical issues, inconsistent branding… any and all potential reasons for lower conversions are discussed with test candidates.

Understanding Mammoth-AI’s Testing Process

Depending on your ultimate business goals, our consultants and testing team guide you through the 5 – 7 core steps in our fully managed and triaged process of testing:

  • 1. Understanding your goals
  • 2. Presenting the solutions demo
  • 3. Commencement of work scoping call
  • 4. Launching your test plan
  • 5. Fully triaged and evidenced feedback via our portal
Usability Testing Process | Mammoth-AI

How we help?

We work with you to determine the best set of usability tests to achieve your defined goals, and then align these goals with your specified customer demographics

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